3 Songs That I’ve Hit Repeat On This Week

1.  Frank Ocean – Strawberry Swing

I realize the song is over a year old.  It doesn’t mean it isn’t good or that I can’t hit repeat.  As a bonus it’s not on Spotify so I can’t be judged when the news feed lets my friends know I’ve listened to it 4 times in a row.  Plus Frank Ocean’s album comes out next month.

2.  Future – Straight Up

The lyrics in the refrain go, “Got The Gucci Boots On Like it’s Snowing, Straight Up Big Booty Freak And She Foreign, Straight Up All My Whole Team We Very Important, Straight Up.”  Give it a listen and  tell me what you hear when he says foreign.  I admit it’s immature, but still funny.

Goldroom – Night in Nantes

Got to thank my roommate for the assist and introducing me to these guys/girls?  I know nothing about this group other than what I can infer from the album cover and video, which is they like California and the doll in the video may have been inspired by Yasmine Bleeth’s character Caroline Holden.  Speaking of which, when can Netflix pony up the $ 54.75 to gain the rights to stream Baywatch?


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