The 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief brought to you by Samsung, Chrystal Pepsi, Google, Compaq, Webcrawler, Four Loko, Pan-Am, and 12 additional sponsors

I am a product of the Jersey Shore.  My teenage years were spent on Long Beach Island, and while my family doesn’t own the house on L.B.I. anymore the shore will always be a part of me.  It’s where I learned to ride a bike and saw my first R rated movie, Under Siege.  I was taught Spin the Bottle down the shore and in high school the shore traffic became our excuse to ditch class the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.    Needless to say, but when I saw the first promo for the 12-12-12 Concert I was all in for the six-hour spectacle.  Below are some of my random thoughts and highlights from watching the concert.

Brian Williams continues to add to his resume by being an integral part of the concert.

After being in a professional coma for the last seven years Adam Sandler showed he still has a pulse.

US & UK relations are as strong as ever.  Half the acts that performed came from across the pond.

Spotting Tony Danza in the Samsung Celebrity Phone Bank with a glass of Pinot Gris.

I understand this concert was to benefit NJ and NY but can we show PA a little love?  It’s still chaos here on the Main Line.  The grills at Panera are dead, women are playing golf any day of the week, and the Nordstrom sale started three days late.  We are Philly Strong.

When Steve Buscemi was on screen he exhibited the same amount of control as a 6th grade substitute teacher, furthering my disbelief of him as a ruthless gangster

Did Marlon Brando eat Billy Joel or did Billy Joel eat Marlon Brando?  The Piano Man also made a valiant run at Patrick Ewing’s record of pouring the most sweat in a single MSG performance.

Kanye’s performance was disappointing, but not half as disappointing as being deprived of the moment when he stands on stage next to Mike Myers and blurts out that President Obama does not care about white people, immediately followed by Myers giving the Hans Gruber face.

The men’s skirt might be why Yeezy’s Pastelle clothing line never made it.

James Dolan is having a sneaky good fourth quarter of 2012.  The Knicks are relevant again and he produced this concert.

It’s My Life still makes me jump on furniture and play air guitar like a lunatic.  I also want a t-shirt that just reads Jon & David & Richie & Tico & Alec John a la the popular Fab Five shirt.

I’m still recovering from seeing Bruce and Jon on stage together.  I also wish they had closed out the show, but I’m nitpicking.

The pyrotechnics of McCartney’s Live & Let Die resembled the Beijing Olympics.

I cannot wait for season two of Newsroom’s take on Hurricane Sandy.

L.B.I. 5 East lives on.


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