Basketball’s Ripest Coaching Tree

The answer seems simple enough, but I can assure you any guess you have will be incorrect.  In order to build suspense here’s a list of incorrect answers.

University of North Carolina and Dean Smith (Logical 1st guess)

The Lakers and Phil Jackson

The Spurs and Gregg Popovich

Duke and Mike Krzyzewski

Larry Brown (He is his own coaching tree considering the number of places he’s been)

The correct answer……..

Coach Edwina Franklin

The 1996 cult (Can a cult have one member?) classic “Eddie” starring Whoopi Goldberg.  I’m sure everyone remembers the movie, but in case you don’t here is a refresher.  The movie follows the lowly 1996 New York Knicks coached by Dennis Farina, who coincidentally had the same record in the movie as Isiah Thomas did in real life.  The Knicks fall under new ownership and in a promotional stunt hire super fan Edwina “Eddie” Franklin as their new head coach.  You can guess what happens from there.  Eddie struggles at first and then finds success with her team.  Essentially the movie follows the playbook of all sports movies.

Eddie has an astonishing 7 NBA head coaches and 1 NCAA coach in the movie.

Doc Rivers, Vinny Del Negro, Herb Williams, Mark Jackson, Kurt Rambis, Avery Johnson, Sam Mitchell, and Danny Manning.

Take a second to collect your thoughts.

In case that wasn’t enough Eddie also features three Academy Award nominated actors.

Whoopi Goldberg (Ghost) Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon) Richard Jenkins (The Visitor)

Now you know.


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