My Dance Instructors

I dance.  I gyrate, sway and thrust.  I do the white guy lip bite.  It’s all part of the package.  And it doesn’t matter where, if I hear music I dance.  I’ve danced in bars.  I’ve danced at weddings.  I’ve even danced in a P.F. Chang’s.  The only time I’ve been recognized for my dancing was at a lowly bar in Sydney, Australia called The Friend in Hand.  I was awarded with one of the bar’s t-shirts that read, “I’d rather have a lobster on my piano than a crab on my organ.”  So that should give you an accurate description of the bar.

Like so many decisions in my life I was influenced by television.  The best example being my decision to stick with “butt cut,” which lasted about 4 years too long.  Thanks Shawn Hunter.  My decisions on the dance floor are no different.  Aside from MTV’s The Grind I give five videos that are the inspiration of every dance move I try to execute.

Late Edition


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