What Were My Parents Thinking? (First Haircut)

Since moving home I’ve had to adjust to finding new ways to entertain myself.  I no longer have roommates to dominate in NBA 2K11 and I can binge watch only so many episodes of Breaking Bad before I start thinking a meth lab of my own might be a good idea while simultaneously having a panic attack.  About three weeks ago I stumbled upon the old family photo albums and struck gold.  The reasons being two fold; first I am an 80’s baby and second my mom (Nancy) has the best sense of humor in my family while my dad (Sonny) has the worst.

And with that I present to you What Were My Parents Thinking.

First Haircut

No that isn’t a 68 year old man.  That is me at about 15 months.  It’s unclear if I’m on my way to the Elkins Park bocce quarterfinals or a colonoscopy.  Either way I seem displeased with my situation.  I fail to understand why my mom let me out in public while I looked like a ginger version of the Little Dutch Boy Paint mascot.  Although this might shed some light as to why I still have a bad habit of letting my hair grow to an inappropriate length before getting it cut.  Looking for answers though I went to my parents and here is how the conversation went.

Mom, how could you let my hair get this long?

(Laughing uncontrollably) I think you looked so cute with your red hair.

(My dad in the background)  We might have been in Europe a lot.

But mom, it’s uneven and why do I look like Benjamin Button?

(Still laughing and almost inaudible)  I think you look more like the no respect guy.

Rodney Dangerfield?

(More laughing and maybe a few tears)  Yes him.  That guy.

And the double chin.  How did you let this happen?

(Deadly serious now) That’s not my fault.  You can blame your father’s no chin genes for that.


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