Guilt Trip

Today my mom and I traveled to Lorain, Ohio to see the extended family for Christmas.  Unfortunately my dad and sister were unable to make the trip due to work obligations.  Thanks Edible Arrangements.  While the trip wasn’t quite as long and the dialogue not quite as pithy I imagine our trip is somewhat similar to the one taken between Seth Rogan and Barbara Streisand in the new movie Guilt Trip.

After the jump is a list of the topics we discussed on our annual pilgrimage to Ohio

The downfall of rapper Shyne
Men’s purple velvet pants (Long story)
The inconvenience of having a small bladder
A nurse who received 30 million
How attractive is Jen Aniston (Hotly contested)
The royal baby
The Voice Winner Cassadee Pope
The Main Line attitude
The Upper East Side
My dating life (Short lived convo)
The quality of the rest stops in Ohio versus PA
The decline of my dad’s hearing
Ohio State football
Are Italians more prone to mental health issues


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