Shades of Grey, Carly Rae, and the Royal Baybay (Top 50 Songs of 2012)

Behold my Spotify playlist of 50 songs that I either played the most or best represent 2012 for me.  Yes I’m embarrassed by the Bruno Mars song.  And I’m also aware that Gotye is on there while Gangnam Style is not.  Despite being released in 2011, Gotye will hold a special place for me in 2012 after going to see him in concert only to watch him fumble the opening lyrics to the only song people knew. My other Gotye moment involves spending a dark Chicago Sunday with friends listening to Somebody That I Used to Know on repeat while the 70’s ski classic Hot Dog played on the tv muted.  Robert Kelly is of course featured on the playlist and if you doubted that for a minute then you don’t know me at all. I’m also hip to the fact that The Weeknd has been around but his music wasn’t on Spotify till this year.  You won’t find country and you will find a lot of rap.  If you’re a music snob just leave now.  Love it, hate it, subscribe to it you won’t be judged here.  Let your freak flag fly.


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