2012 Philadelphia Eagles Fun Facts

The Birds never really made it out past the tunnel this season

It was a season to remember as an Eagles fan.  In all my years watching I can’t think of another season when expectations were this high and the team collapsed this hard.  Sure Ray Rhodes and Ritch Kotite had worse seasons than this one, but nobody was expecting miracles from them at that point in their careers.  There were some entertaining moments this year, but that is for another post.  The rest of this post is just giving you some of the pathetic and laughable statistics of the 2012 Eagles season.

Mike Vick turned over the ball an astounding 17 times in 9 games.  That is more turnovers than 6 NFL teams have committed all season.

The 2012 Eagles are sending zero players to the Pro Bowl for the first time since 1998

Jason Babin still leads the team in sacks at 5.5 despite being cut after week 12

Nnamdi Asomugha was paid $11,000,000 this season.  He was also Vice-Polemarch of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity while at Cal.  So there is that.

The Eagles have turned the ball over 36 times this season.  Second only to Kansas City who has 37.

The average passer rating against the Eagles this is 96.1

The Eagles are currently 12th in total yards (5,348), aaaaand 27th in scoring (273).  #Redzoneoffense

Quarterbacks have been sacked 47 times this year.  Also second behind Arizona at 56.

The Boo Birds are first though in fumbles with 36 on the season

The 2012 Eagles went nine weeks without intercepting a single pass

The Eagles have lost 10 of the last 11 weeks

It took until December 9th for the Eagles to record a win more recently than the Phillies

The turnover differential for the season is -23.

Donovan McNabb is still a ass hat off the field

The Eagles have only 13 takeaways this season.  Again second only to Kansas City with 12

The Eagles won their four games this year by a combined 6 points

Danny Watkins is applying for membership to the Lollipop Guild

Against the Bucs on December 9th the Eagles offense had exactly 2 starters that had begun the season playing (Jeremy Maclin & Evan Mathis)

The 2012 Eagles season is over in less than 48 hours.


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