Aspen Extreme

If I can recreate this photo I will be 60% cooler than I am now.

Today I’m embarking on a journey up north to Vermont to bring in 2013.  I’m leaving the city, open bars, and $60 taxi rides behind to go freeze to death and snowboard in Killington.  I couldn’t think of a better way to honor the trip than to watch one of my favorite movies of all time or at the very least the best ski movie ever made, Aspen Extreme.  A movie the Seattle Times called, “Top Gun on the slopes!”  I’ll spare you a plot summary because, if you haven’t seen the movie go directly to Netflix and add this to your queue.  At the very least watch the trailer at the bottom.  All I will tell you is T.J. pushed some turns, while Dexter progressed the sport.

Skiing is the easy part.

Dexter Quotes

Vail? Nah it looks like the guy who designed Wendy’s went nuts at this place.

T.J. at Mackinac you went home with a chick from Yale and I slept in a car.

She’s staring at you like you’re on the menu Teej.  T.J. Burke Salad baby.

I wasn’t nuts about [Santa] either, I always got socks

Interlopers?  What is this, Scrabble Teej?

5 of the Whitest Names

Bryce Kellogg

Robin Hand

Dexter Rutecki

Franz Hauser

Rudy Zucker

The 5 Best Songs

Bob Seger  Feel Like A Number

Del Amitri  When You Were Young

Jude Cole  Start The Car

Billy Falcon  What She Will

David Bearwald  Best Inside You

5 More Quotes

TJ:  Dex look at this woman her earrings are bigger than my nuts

Karl:  Part of the job is fulfilling a fantasy.  And you are the fantasy

TJ:  (When asked what a la carte meant)  It’s when they take the shrimp out of the shell

Bartender: (After Dexter’s request for a Tequila Slammer) I went to high school.  Yes.

Bryce:  This is Aspen.  Things are always different.

The 5 Whitest Things About Aspen Extreme

Cocaine Problems

Rick Astley sings the song in the trailer

It’s an entire movie about skiing

Fruit arranged as animals

The antagonist is also the bassist of Spandau Ballet (Martin Kemp)

Best YouTube Quotes (Below the trailer)

Yup.  I dated the guy who did the stunt skiing. (Broadcast that to the world ma’am)

Rick Astley singing on a trailer for a hollywood movie, i hope he got paid as this film sucked.  (Bite your tongue asshole)

What gorgeous wet hair at 1:47, I wish there was more of that scene here. (Pervert)

I’ve got probably 6 or 7 kids from white chicks I scrogged at various ski slopes around North America. A fine brotha who can slalom drops the panties, son. (Speechless)

Ahh, the 80’s kicked so much ass. Babes everywhere, awesome slopes and piles of Blow. Good times for everyone.  (Made in the 90s, but ok)


When searching Aspen Extreme I found the following post from a person that goes by the name “The Word Gaper is Overused.”  The title of the post is Aspen Extreme saved my life.

Aspen Extreme is more than a movie. As many, many others have found, Aspen Extreme (or AEX) brings wonderful thoughts of life as a ski instructor in the early ’90s. Ahhhh, was there no better time to be a skier… I doubt it. The early ’90s were the forefront of the freeskiing movement we see today, and no other movie describes the passion and versatility of skiing as AEX.

In 1993, after watching Aspen Extreme for 8 straight hours, I realized that my life was saved! Not that I had been dying or was thinking about ending life, but I realized how much of life I was missing. Aspen Extreme had the power to provoke thought. Dexter Rutecki and TJ Burke were my heroes and to this day still are. I realized that day, after endless hours of 80’s music, neon colors, rear entry boots, K2 skis, and timeless Doug Coombs footage, that I needed to live in a van, move away from my barn in Indiana and find a reason to move to Aspen.

Thanks Aspen Extreme, now I live in a van in the parking lot of a grocery store and get free wi-fi from McDonalds! Life is good and Extreme as hell.

This could be a joke.  I like to believe it is not.

Top 5 Clothing Items

Fur everything.  Hand warmers, hats, jackets.  Everything

Neon one piece snow suits

Jeans on the slopes


Button downs buttoned to the top with no tie

5 More Incredibly White Names

T.J. Burke

Todd Pounds

Morton Hayward

Karl Stall

Milt Phillips


4 thoughts on “Aspen Extreme

  1. “My friend was not in the Olympics.
    No, why not?
    I won $50 in a bowling contest and they revoked my amateur status”
    …or something like that. Awesome movie, love this post!

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