Book That Needs to be a Movie

In Search of Captain Zero

Plot Summary:

Think of On the Road except the journey is south from California through Central America and instead of traveling with Dean Moriarty our lead character is on a quest to find him.  Allen Weisbecker, the author, is the main character and he decides to ditch all his possessions and former life to find his longtime companion Patrick, who had disappeared years earlier into the depth’s of Central America.  Allen tells stories of his past with Patrick while also describing the people, adventures, and waves he faces on his search for his bud.


Allen:  Kurt Russell (Career revival)

Patrick:  Billy Bob Thornton

Director:  Gus Van Sant

If it sounds interesting give it a read.  You won’t regret it.  There is also a documentary out there that was made by Stacey Peralta called Being Captain Zero that is worth checking out.


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