What Were My Parents Thinking (Bogota)

Running this one back since it seemed to be the most liked thus far.  Plus it’s an excuse to antagonize my father which is always fun.  It’s the little things.  So once again I present to you, What Were My Parents Thinking.

Philanthropist, Drug Lord, Father

Philanthropist, Drug Lord, Short shorts enthusiast, Father

Now since I was an infant my memory might be a little foggy, but it appears that this photo was taken in the backyard of my family’s Spanish style home located in Medellin Colombia, which would make sense considering my dad is notorious criminal mastermind Pablo Escobar.  What’s equally interesting is my dad now looks much more like former Vice President Dick Cheney, with the voice of Darth Vader.  Here’s how our actual conversation went.

Pops, was it hard getting through airport security in the 80’s?

Dad:  (Ignoring me and attempting to concentrate on his spy novel.)

When did you decide to shuttle the family to the States, and why’d you pick Philly?

Mom:  What are you talking about?

Look at this photo, Dad looks just like Pablo Escobar!  It’s uncanny.

Mom: (Starting to laugh):  Oh my you’re right he does.

Everything is perfect, the comb over, the mustache, the weight, even the time frame.

Mom:  Sonny when were you ever that tan?

Dad: (Now looking up from his spy novel)  Are you making fun of me?

No, I’m just curious how you evaded the FBI and Federales for so long and then faked your death.  Also why are you and mom republicans if it was Bush and Reagan who tracked you down?

Dad:  Don’t you have a job to find?

Well I was thinking maybe the family business.

Dad: (Back to reading his spy novel)  You’re not qualified.


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