It’s Award Season Kid!

With the Golden Globes last night award season has officially begun.  Movies will be re-released and the award graphics have been dusted off and inserted into the trailer ads like always.  The biggest surprise so far is that Clooney showed up with Stacy Kiebler again, which begs the question has a Clooney girl ever survived multiple award seasons?  However the most asked questions from now till the end of February will be, “Who are you wearing?” and “Does it ever become routine going to an event like this?”  Overall it was a pretty good show, and there were really a limited number of reasons to react sarcastically, which is a good thing.

I’m not sure how I didn’t already know this, but Al Roker is incredibly short.  He looked midget short out there.  I blame the map of the US graphic that he is usually standing in front of for not having a better sense of his stature.  I also couldn’t help but be concerned he might have another accident while on screen like he did at the White House.

Jack Black always looks like he just got pulled out of an SAE frat party.

Swaggy P what are you wearing?

What is the sports equivalent of the red carpet?  Player intros or walking through the tunnel?  I think they need to add a red carpet equivalent to the NBA Playoffs this year.  Imagine the looks we could get out of Russell Westbrook or Swaggy P (If the Sixers can make the playoffs).

The best SAT word used by an actor/actress last night goes to Juliane Moore for her use of trepidation.  Bravo.

I had no idea Richard Gere was married to a former Law & Order assistant district attorney.

We learned that Denzel YouTubed drunk people to prepare for his role in Flight.

John Krasinki is one lucky guy.  Well done bud.All the speeches were pretty good, and I’m including Jodie Foster.  Even Kevin Costner did better this time around.

After they showed Clinton walk out the next two people that I saw on screen were Diddy and then Jerry O’Connell. 

If I have to bet on one actor/actress under 25 to have the most successful career going forward Jennifer Lawrence is the pick.

Daredevil is just a distant bad bad memory at this point Ben

I don’t know how anyone couldn’t have been happy for Affleck or Lena Dunham last night.

Having said that I think the Hollywood Foreign Press chickened out by not giving Best Picture to Zero Dark Thirty.  Argo was great, Zero Dark Thirty was that much better because of the conversations that can be started from watching the film.

Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig were the best presenters.  They still got it.  Stallone and Arnold come in a close second though.

It’s slightly depressing to be old enough now to know most of the works of the career achievement award winner.  I still remember hearing about Silence of the Lambs when it came out, seeing Contact in the theater and falling asleep, and being so confused by Nell.

Father son Gangnam Style?

The question I most want answered is does everyone get a plus 1 to the Golden Globes, and if so who did Chris Brody bring?

The best tweet of the night goes to Lindsay Lohan, and I’m sure Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were thrilled about it.

Ben Affleck!! Yay! So smart and classic. He and Jen Garner remind me of @mikelohan and his wonderful girlfriend #ninaginsberg

My 2013 Newsroom Golden Globe campaign starts right now.  Lets get Will McAvoy and Sloan Sabbith up there on the podium next year people.  We’re on a mission to civilize.


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