Attic Archives (Life Magazine)

So my mom is a pretty cool person and also a pack rat.  We recently went through the attic and found folders full of my lower school art projects.  It was wild.  My mom had even kept each worksheet I completed to learn the alphabet.

While my old home made Ninja Turtle books are not that interesting to anyone outside of my mom and myself I thought this old issue of Life was pretty awesome.  This year will mark fifty years since the Kennedy assassination.  Since I was obviously not even a thought at the time of his tragic death I can’t recount my feelings upon hearing about the assassination.  But a lot of the time words aren’t necessary to convey the magnitude of an event.  Pictures are good enough.  This is one of those times.

photo(17) photo(15) photo(16) photo(14) photo(10) photo(11) photo(12) photo(13) photo(9) photo(8) photo(7)


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