Nostalgia Week: High School

For the four and a half people still reading this, things are going get so much weirder.  This week I’m going go with a theme, high school nostalgia.  Everyone loves a good theme.  We’ve all been to frat parties.

To ease the fears of the 2 OSU readers and 3 Chicago readers nostalgia week OSU and Chicago edition will come at a later date.  I know everyone was so concerned.

This week though is about those years between 15 and 18 when you think you are 600% cooler than you really are.  I was especially cool since I rocked the middle part way past its expiration date.  Obviously how cool you looked in front of everyone, including your 4th period science teacher, was of the utmost importance.  You needed to have the right Brooks Brothers tie and New Balance sneakers if you wanted to fit in at my high school.  Luckily six people or so thought I was cool enough to hang out with, and because of that I had a high school experience that produced many stories.

So this week I’ll share some of those tall tales that made my high school days so memorable.  I promise nobody’s adult reputation will be harmed in the process.

//////////////////////////////////////////////Programming Notes/////////////////////////////////////////////

I’m still looking for book reccos

Bachelor, BuckWild, and other nonsense will still obviously be posted.


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