Nostalgia Week: The Birth of Main Line Swag & Glam


This is the reason why YOLO was invented

So. Much. Swag.

Last week my friend Nick posted this photo to Instagram and no Earlybird, Toaster, or Nashville filter was necessary to make it any more awesome.  Nick is the dapper looking gentleman in the center and that’s me to the left wearing a furry Kangol hat which is only 10% of what makes this photo the best.  Wearing that hat into the Pyramid Club was when I firmly planted my freak flag.

What else makes this photo so awesome?  Well I’m glad you asked.  For starters the rare BLUE Solo cup (an additional 5%).  Did we make some innocent bad decisions in high school?  Of course, but we all came out on the other side armed with a few good stories and prepared for college.

Now I want to direct your attention all the way to the right.  That object that looks like a Lunchable is actually a Kodak disposable camera (add 10% more).  The Kodak disposable was a staple of any early 2000’s big high school event so that it could be properly documented.  That included pep ralleys, parties, free period trips to Manhattan Bagel, rivalry soccer or field hockey matches, Can Dances, and of course senior proms.

In the background is what I consider the mecca of convenient stores, Wawa.  Respect to the classic lone-goose-epic-sunset logo.  If you’ve ever been to Philly then you’ve almost definitely been to a Wawa.  If you haven’t been to Philly that’s your loss, and just make sure to add a Wawa trip to your bucket list.  I’m not exaggerating.  Ask anyone that has experienced a Wawa trip and they’ll tell you it is as good as advertised.  This isn’t your Ohio UDF, although I respect the milkshakes, or the soulless Duane Reades you see everywhere in New York.  Wawa invented the touch-screen-hoagie-computer eliminating any order confusion.  So if say you’d asked for bell peppers and not banana peppers on your 12″ Italian there would be zero issues.  If you do have the privilege of making a Wawa run don’t sleep on the soft pretzels or Wawa lemonade.  Credit Wawa with 30% of the awesomeness of this picture.

My previously mentioned friend Nick of course is credited with 25%.  He’s obviously wearing the tux better than I am.  Quick tangent, if you’re asking yourself why my tuxedo looks so much bigger it’s because it’s my dad’s.  When I picked up the tuxedo that I rented, which was white with a Carolina blue vest and tie, I found that it was sized for an NBA lottery pick and not a short 18 year old suburban kid.

For the 4 people still reading this that aren’t from Philly you’re probably wondering who the two babes are with their arms around us.  They are the two Courtneys.  Two of the fliest girls to walk the hallowed halls of Episcopal Academy.  They weren’t even our dates to the senior prom, just awesome friends.  Did I mention that they are also smart, funny, and successful?  Now you know.  Giving these two anything less than 50% credit would be a crime.

EDIT…  Episcopal Class of 2002 historian Kristen gets 25% credit since she took the photo and is also next level fly like Nick, Courtney, and Courtney.  

Yes I have gone over 100%.  This photo is absurdly great, and I do not care if it makes zero sense.

As to what we are looking at exactly I’m not entirely sure.  It’s one of a few options.  It could be our friend who had too many adult beverages and was slightly ill.  It could just be that we are admiring our party bus.  Philadelphia’s own Beanie Sigel might have walked by or we were taking in the scene of West Chester Pike.

If there is one thing that downgrades this photo it’s the fact that more of our crew wasn’t involved in it.  I think the problem there was that we were already late and some people might not have been allowed off the bus.

But the best part of it all is that we are all still a close.  So close that we still get together during the holidays.  The Kangol hat might have even been brought up at the Christmas dinner.  And if that wasn’t enough we’re lucky to have added more great people.  We roll deep.  You want proof?


Xmas 2012.  We missed you Mama Nolen, Ted, Ben, Laura, Addis & Graham……………  Oh and Sam.



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