Nostalgia Week: Game Changers

High School Crew 1





This is the best group of guys I know.  They were growing up.  They are now, and I’m lucky to have gotten in on the ground floor, because they are going rule the world in their respective fields someday soon.  They are why I believe our generation is destined for great things.

Things This Group Would Never Do:

  • Play Goldeneye as Oddjob, cause there is too much honor in this crew
  • Root for the Skins, Cowboys, Red Sox, or any scum bag team from NY
  • Leave someone behind at a party, unless it was by accident
  • Forget the cornrow incident
  • Not support one another at sporting events
  • Leave a piece of Marrone’s pizza on the table
  • Put black lights or sound systems in their car…  Wait never mind
  • Let a summer go by without going down the shore
  • Leave things on kitchen counters


Jeff:  Engaged, world traveler and kick ass teacher

Nick:  Current MBA student, all in the rap game, and owner of America’s most swagged out dog.


Steve:  Married, eternal Eagles optimist, Duke hater, amateur beer maker and future doctor

Ben:  Engaged, running the real estate game in NYC, and still the Main Line’s most desirable male of 2001

Drew:  Married, Flyered Up, Duke lover, MBA student and explorer of all things snow related

Kevin:  Married, amateur photographer, Ad account genius, cyclist and Eagles bad luck charm

Graham:  Artist, dancing machine, and accomplished musician lighting up the stages in Charlottesville, VA.

Sam:  Still Australian, NYC’s best Ad account supervisor, informed on absolutely all topics, and nice enough person to let me always crash on his couch when I’m in NYC

Fred:  Teacher, sick runner, funniest guy in the room, and can play roughly 264 different instruments.

The best of the best.  You’ve been warned


2 thoughts on “Nostalgia Week: Game Changers

  1. I love this, Andrew!! Completely accurate, except for most desireable man of 2001…that’s you!!
    miss your face. XO

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