Who’s Having The Best Year in Social Media So Far?

All roads lead to Los Angeles to properly answer this question, because while the Lakers have struggled all season Vanessa Bryant has been the breakout star of social media in 2013.  Don’t believe me?  Fine I’ll break it down for you.

Despite Kobe’s much hyped debut on Twitter, January 1st, when he tweeted to the world, “The antisocial has become social,” it’s been his wife Vanessa that has been the star of the family.  Vanessa has turned her back on Twitter, #mambatweets, #countonkobe, and the pictures of brick walls her husband posts to Twitter after a 7-68 shooting night.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 9.09.44 AM

Kobe Bryant ‏@kobebryant
No one is more critical of my game then me. #brickcity past few games but they will fall and we will win #countonit http://pic.twitter.com/K7R6W1MO

Vanessa has respected her husband’s social media space, despite past transgressions, and kept herself only on Instagram.  But what if she wants to communicate a message to her fans you ask?  BAM, Vanessa drops a picture of a note declaring her and Kobe’s reconciliation on Instagram with a custom Dead Sea Scrolls filter.


Ladyvb24 is breaking down social media barriers all over the place turning Instgram into her own Twitter.  She’s changed the game by adding a “@LadyVB24,” watermark to all of her photos in case you thought you could steal that dope picture of her shoes and jewelry from the Golden Globes.

VBMarkPictures with high profile celebrities?  Yea she’s got that too, just check out this pic with Kobe and former president Bill Clinton.

VBClintonAnd Vanessa Bryant isn’t just a pretty face either.  SHE’S GOT JOKES!


Of course Ladyvb24 is going take part in Throwback Thursday like the rest of the world, but what’s she going do to take it to the next level?  Easy, throwback photo of Kobe IN A THROWBACK JERSEY.  It’s a miracle she’s hasn’t blown up the internet yet.


I know it is still only January, but LadyVB24’s lead on the field seems insurmountable.  The only way I see her being knocked off the throne is if Tiger Woods joins the social media world and starts sharing all his midnight dalliances with the internet.  Keep up the hard work Vanessa, cause somebody in the family is going need to bring home the paper.  And it doesn’t look like it is going be your husband unless he makes another trip back to Germany and turns 2013 Dwight Howard into 2009 Dwight Howard.


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