Book That Needs To Be A T.V. Show

The Dirt

Background:  The Dirt chronicles the rise of notorious 80’s rock band Motley Crue in GRAPHIC GRAPHIC detail.  It’s written collectively by the members of the band and has everything you’d imagine it would.  Sex.  Drugs.  Rock N’ Roll.  After reading the book you realize it’s a god damn miracle that all these guys are still around.  I encourage anyone to read it if they aren’t easily offended and are curious about what it really means to “take it to the limit.”

Pitch:  I can’t find a single argument against putting a show like this on HBO, Cinemax, or Showtime.  The show doesn’t need to follow the Motley Crue story exactly, but can make for a great jumping off point.  The story has everything guys like about Games of Thrones.  Sex, violence, drama, gratuitous nudity, more sex, drugs, high stakes, animal sacrifices, and yes more sex.  Really the only thing missing in the Motley Crue story is dragons, and considering the state these guys were in during the height of their success they could probably neither confirm nor deny that they ever encountered a dragon.  Think of it as a cross between Game of Thrones and Entourage.

The show doubles as a period peace and even pleases the suits upstairs because you can either repackage songs like Glee or have new ones written like Nashville and sell them on iTunes.  Everybody wins here.  Growing up my friends and I loved the VH1 series Behind the Music.  It went insider and told all the ridiculous stories of these epic rock bands.  How does this not work as a premium cable drama?  There are ample opportunities to introduce new characters be it girlfriends, new band members, managers, groupies, etc.  I can’t be the only person that feels this way.


Emile Hirsch: Lead Singer/Guitar

Dominic Monaghan:  Guitar

Michael Pitt:  Drums

Paul Dano:  Bass

Girlfriend:  Adrianne Palicki

Manager:  Jeff Daniels w/beard

You’re welcome cable.


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