New Music Thursday: Tegan and Sara

Why You Might Know Them:  You’ve played the David Guetta party song Every Chance We Get We Run 100X a day for the last four months or you’re big into Canadian female folk rock duos.

Why You Need to Know Them:  The new album is tight and you can just let it play through without having to skip tracks.

Tracks You Might Already Know:  Closer, Every Chance We Get We Run, Walking With A Ghost, Where Does The Good Go

Tracks You Need To Know:  Drove Me Wild, How Come You Don’t Want Me, I Couldn’t Be Your Friend, Love They Say


One thought on “New Music Thursday: Tegan and Sara

  1. I find these Canadian lesbian twins to be incredibly hot. Sara, in particular. Maybe I have an averse reaction to women named Tegan…

    Fun fact – I had a one night stand with a girl who looks EXACTLY like Teegs and Sar-Sar. Funner fact – I had sex.

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