New York Survival Kit

One of the advantages of moving back east is being able to make last minute trips up to NYC.  I love New York.  It’s where I want to live and work.  I appreciate the uniqueness of all the neighborhoods.  I enjoy the culture and I can even embrace the hot trash smell in the summer.  I still don’t think of it as the center of the world like many people, but I do love it there.

However for the time being I’m still only a weekend inhabitant of the city, not yet blessed with a hobbit sized apartment and around the clock job.  So if I’m to survive these weekend excursions two hours north on the New Jersey Turnpike there are certain things that are required to be brought on the trip, because without them the weekend can quickly turn into a complete disaster.  So here’s my list.

Sharp elbows…..  Cause you’re going need to fight for space in the packed LES bars

Money Money Money…  This isn’t limited to just cash though.  It includes the following

  • loose change
  • crumpled singles from the previous weekend
  • Free McDonalds egg mcmuffin coupons
  • credit cards
  • leftover subway card
  • something to barter with

Undershirts..  Cause whether it’s summer or winter, a dark crowded LES basement or empty Murray Hill restaurant I will eventually begin to sweat.

iPhone & charger……  No explanation necessary

Both my indoor and outdoor voices….

Starbucks card….  After a late night out there is only one way to drag yourself through the next day

Good friends…..  Cause sleeping on the street isn’t appealing and hotels aren’t affordable.

Middle fingers…  To salute all of the scumbag NY Giants and Yankees fans

High brow talking points…  In case you run into “that” type of New Yorker

Toothbrush…  To get rid of the pickle back shot aftertaste in the morning

Low brow talking points…  Cause I have normal friends that live in New York

R. Kelly tunes….  What better way to get ready for a weird night out than listening to the crooner of weird?

Patience…  For lines, for drinks, for food, for the fashionably late friends.


I love you New York lets go out and have another good weekend together.


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