People Tougher Than Pusha T & Meek Mill

We all hate the dentist.  Apologies to my dentist who is actually a very nice guy and is as gentle as Elmo if he were a dentist.  But none of that really matters cause we all dread that trip to the dentist office.  Rap artists aren’t exempt from this as you can see from the text conversation below between Pusha T and Meek Mill.


To be fair I wouldn’t want to be done dirty before All-Star Weekend either, but I still need to call out both Mr. Mill and Mr. Pusha for chickening out.

People Who Have Had Their Wisdom Teeth Pulled

My sister

Taylor Swift

Emile Hirsch

Mischa Barton


My Mom

Lea Michele

Eric Matthews

Rafael Nadal

Big Bird

My dad

The entire 2002 Episcopal Academy Girls Field Hockey Team (I’m assuming)

This girl


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