New Music Friday: Guards

Day late thanks to the hours spent delivering heart shaped pineapples.  Blame Valentine’s Day.  Blame Edible Arrangements.  Don’t blame me.

So this week the album I’m putting out there is from a band called Guards.  Pitchfork obviously gave it a mediocre review because I guess it isn’t “progressive,” enough as an album.  Whatever.  There are a bunch of good tracks on here that deserve a listen.  Just ask my friend Ted Cooke.  He has good taste in music and agreed with me that this was a good one.

Why You Might Know Them:  You are a fan of Cults musician Madeline Follin who is the sister of Guards front man Richie Follin.  I personally had no clue who the Cults were.

Why You Need To Know Them:  Because as Pitchfork put it, “In Guards We Trust, will certainly appeal to anyone who secretly wishes for the return of the late 90s culture.”  As if that is a bad thing??

Tracks You Might Know:  Silver Lining because you forgot to add Playbook when looking up the movie trailer.

Tracks You Need To Know:  Nightmare, Giving Out, Ready To Go, Home Free


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