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So as it turns out Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Johnny Manziel and I have something in common.  We both spent one semester taking only online courses in college.  Unfortunately for Johnny the similarities end there since Johnny can’t claim to have once housed a moon bounce, wedding tent, and above ground pool in the backyard of his off-campus house.  Sure he got to hang out with the Duck Dynasty cast at the Super Bowl and take pictures with Lebron but I bet you anything he still can’t say he’s slept in an inflatable Jeep Wrangler.

With the news spreading that John Football was taking an online course load the public  for the 3,873,272 time is aghast that this is the life of a student athlete.  People lets makes sure things are clear, Johnny Manziel is not a student athlete.  That moniker flew out the door the moment he sat court-side for a Mavericks game.  I was by no means the poorest college student, but the closest I got to court-side was sitting along the third base line of a Columbus Clippers game on 10 cent dog night.  We did this so that my friends and I could taunt one time Michigan QB Drew Henson, who was still trying to make it as a third baseman for the Yankees at the time.

I don’t fault John Football at all for taking advantage of the gifts he’s being given, except for hanging with the Duck Dynasty cast during Super Bowl week.  Of all the people to choose to hang out with he picked these people.  Come on John.  You’re a Heisman winner, which is the equivalent of American royalty.   You need to aim a little higher.

I’m getting away from the point though which is Manziel’s lifestyle is nothing new for a big time college athletes, especially the schedule.  When joking about this story with my friends one reminded me of fellow Buckeye Andy Katzenmoyer and his well documented summer course load the summer before his junior year.  In the summer of 1999 Andy, also know as Big Cat, carried a 1.7 GPA so he scheduled three summer classes music appreciation, golf and, AIDS: What Every College Student Should Know.

Sadly even with priority scheduling I was never able to take AIDS:  What Ever College Student Should Know, but I’m assuming the class syllabus looked something like this;

Week 1

What is AIDS & HIV

Week 2

How To Use A Condem

Week 3

Why Sharing Needles Is Bad

Week 4 -Week 10

Independent study on how to avoid contracting AIDS

I can’t fault Andy Katzenmoyer for the same reason I can’t fault Johnny Manziel.  They both took advantage of the system no more than a system that is taking advantage of them.

This past year it’s believed Johnny Football and the Aggies brought in $37 million in media exposure last season.  Texas A&M and the NCAA are using Johnny Manziel to get what they want and Johnny Manziel is using Texas A&M and the NCAA to get what he wants.

It’s been almost 15 years between these two stories and nothing has changed.  Players are there to play while the schools and NCAA make ungodly amounts of money off them.  What incentive does the NCAA or universities have to change things?  They are essentially like the house in Vegas.  They can’t lose. If you want to changes things then just let the athletes go earn a paycheck playing their sport instead of forcing them into the college athlete farce.

You can close your Macbook now, class is dismissed.


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