I Know A Future Oscar Host

For five years my old roommate James “Main Stage” Martin and I watched the Oscars together.  For five years we put on button down shirts, ties, and sweatpants.  For five years we ordered terrible food and consumed 13,000 calories in a night.  For five years Mr. Bo and myself made fun of Hollywood’s elite and came up with better jokes in five minutes than anything James Franco and Anne Hathaway had the entire evening.

But now I’m back in Philly and Jim is still in Chicago living the dream.  I know the text conversation tonight will be long, but it won’t be the same.

Someday Jimbo will be hosting the Oscars.  I can promise you that.  He’s that talented.  So just bear with the Academy while they trot out misfires like Seth McFarlane, Jimmy Fallon, and Chelsea Handler in the years to come.



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