Reactions To Life Illustrated By Chandler Bing

On Friends Chandler was always being given crap for being the least manly person in the group.  But after watching hundreds of re-runs on TBS I came to an important truth.  And that is that Chandler was the only one man enough to react on the outside how the rest of us guys were reacting to the same situation on the inside.

Give it a look and tell me I’m wrong.

When you were at that first middle school dance or make-out party with a girl.

When you beat your friends in a competition.

When you wake up next to an unexpected guest on a Sunday morning.

When you make a brilliantly cutting joke about your friend.

When….  Well…..  You know……

When you were impressed with yourself for hooking up with a certain someone.

When you drop food on the floor and still want to eat it.

When you were proven right about a bedroom situation.

When your friend’s prank gets the best of you.

When a girl refuses to sleep on her side of the bed.

When you say something and immediately regret it.

When you first feel good about Movember

When your friend will. not. stop. talking.


On the inside you think you are dancing one way.  On the outside it’s more like this.


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