Budgeting For The Future

A couple weeks ago I had to cancel my credit card and have B of A issue me a new one.  When this happens the next step is to update all of your accounts that are linked to that card.  This is something I failed to do and yesterday my Netflix and Spotify accounts were cut off.  Since I’m only working part time I thought I’d see if both were absolutely necessary.  24 hours later and the answer is a resounding yes.

So I tip my hat to you Spotify and Netflix cause you’ve got me hooked for life.  By the time I am old and wrinkled I’ll have spent around $ 10,000 for the two streaming accounts and I’m 100% ok with that.

When I’m 80 years old I’ll still be watching episodes of the Office and listening to 2Pac’s Me Against The World album.  Count on that.


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