The Many Moves of Michael Bolton

For anyone born after 1984 the name Michael Bolton only reminds them of the timeless Jack Sparrow song by Lonely Island.  But real talk right now there was a time when Michael Bolton was thought of as one of the sexiest men in entertainment.  The man made women swoon with his golden Doc Brown hair and love power ballads.  In addition Michael Bolton also wrote the book on singing moves.  They don’t know it, but every amateur singer that has appeared on The Voice, X-Factor or American Idol is modeling their moves with the mic on stage after Michael Bolton.

The Look To The Heavens For Strength

The Lean Back

The Jesus

The Slight of Hand

The Mic Lean Stutter Step

The Prayer

The Outta My Way

COMBO ALERT!!!  The Peoples’ Elbow into the Lean Back

The Flight of The Condor

The Flamboyant Double Fist Raise

The Runway Strut

The Heart Attack

The I’m Wearing a Blouse and Tight Jeans and Women Still Want Me


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