Five New Books I’m Reading

Shout out to Two N Jen for the recco.

I watch a crippling amount of reality television.  Reading a book about it seemed like the next logical step.

I’m a sap, what do you want an apology?

Late to the game reading this, but according to Grantland’s Andy Greenwald it is excellent.

Maybe now that I’m older and not being for to read by Mr. Greenwood (I’m sorry I was such a ass hat in middle school) I’ll enjoy this book more and have a better understanding of what Fitzgerald was trying to accomplish.  Admittedly, when I first read it I was more concerned with how to properly French kiss and what team I was going be later in the day when I played NHL 96.


I’m kidding, sorta…  Maybe not…  No seriously I’m just joking around.  I am curious to see what kind of passion Saddam could bring to the romantic genre.


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