5 Free Agents I’d Like The Eagles To Sign

I admit I’m not as qualified as Bill Polian or even Animal from the Muppets, but I’m an Eagles fan and am therefore entitled to an opinion on what the Eagles should do this off season.  So here are my five free agent requests.  Howie please get this done.

(In no particular order)

1.  Glover Quin S Houston Texans

Quin has been a starter in Houston for the last 3 plus years, which happens to be during the exact same time that the Texans defense went from pedestrian to one of the better defenses in the league.  They also ran a 3-4 defense similar to what the Eagles are expected to do next season and Quin will cost far less than Ed Reed or Dashon Gholson.  And if all of that isn’t enough Quin is 26 while coming from the same hometown as Britaney Spears.  Win win win.

2.  Andy Levitre G Buffalo Bills

Levitre unlike the rest of the Eagles offensive lineman has not missed a game in the last four years.  Lets repeat that, Andy Levitre has not missed a game in the last four years.  Levitre also managed to only allow 11 QB pressures and 1 sack last season according to PFF.com.  If you’re an Eagles fan you’re head might explode if you have to go through another season of Troy Aikman, Trent Dilfer, Bob Costas and every other media member discussing how many times Mike Vick can be knocked down.  So can we please bring Andy to town.

3.  Sean Smith CB  Miami Dolphins

He’s big.  He’s tall.  He’s a corner.  He’s not Nnamdi

4.  Desmond Bryant DT Oakland Raiders

Someone needs to cheer up mister Bryant after his mug shot went viral.  Why not the Eagles?  Bryant stands 6-6 300 pounds and is one of maybe four players in Oakland that are worthy of an NFL roster spot.  If he can make it through two years there he can make it anywhere.  With the Eagles looking for large bodied DL to couple with Fletcher Cox Bryant seems like the perfect fit.  And again how can you say no to that face?

5.  Joshua Cribbs KR Cleveland Browns

That should be a sufficient enough explanation.


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