The Documentary Nobody Knows About, About The Guy Nobody Knows About.

I Knew It was you: Rediscovering John Cazale -Subtitulada- from Mario Orellano on Vimeo.  (Apologies for the Spanish subtitles.)

We all know him as Fredo.  Until I woke up bleary eyed one hungover Saturday morning and stumbled across this wonderful documentary I only knew him as Fredo too.  The movie is a quick 40 minutes discussing the amazing, but short lived acting career of John Cazale.

Movie legends like Pacino, DeNiro, Coppola, and Streep reminisce about their lost friend John Cazale.  From watching the doc you learn that Cazale was only in five films, but each of the five was nominated for Best Picture.  Although the sample size is small it’s an incredible batting average for an actor.  The people interviewed are rather candid about John Cazale, offering some truly incredible antidotes along the way.

It’s free so take the 40 minutes and watch.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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