March Madness Relief

Senior year. The victory lap.

Football is the bigger draw at The Ohio State University.  That isn’t up for debate.  But for myself I was more excited for March Madness and the buzz that filled campus each spring.

It was more than just the greatest basketball planet in the universe though that got me excited.  The return of sunshine and sundresses were a positive.  But more importantly along with the tournament came Spring Break, and when Spring Break finally came around at OSU it was a huge sigh of relief.

Since OSU was on the quarter system while I was there (I’m now dating myself, swell) all my friends from home or camp at semester schools had long finished Spring Break and could already see the school year finish line.  Knowing that my friends were finishing up the year while I had ten more weeks of classes and finals before being turned loose for the summer was a daunting, so Spring Break and the excitement of the NCAA tournament were a much needed mind vacation.

Having great bars to watch the games at didn’t hurt either.

Like here……

or here……

but NEVER here….



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