Forward Progress

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A couple days ago I received the following tweets from a random person named Mike Bigel, who I’ve never met in my life.  For one reason or another Mike decided to take it upon himself to let me know how he really felt about my Buzzfeed baseball post.

In case you can’t read the small print Mike’s first tweet said, “wow.  terrible!  not only NOT funny, but really inaccurate.  could have been so much better!!  #HireANewSportsPerson”

Feeling he hadn’t given his opinion its due justice Mike lobbed a second hate tweet my way saying, “please tell me you wrote this knowing nothing about sports!  this could have actually been really funny!!”

After reading these my mind went to the following place;

1.  Wow, Mike really doesn’t like me or Angels in the Outfield, but I’m flattered he thinks Buzzfeed employees me.

2.  I want to look this guy up on the internet and eviscerate him over Twitter.

3.  He’s probably a Mets fan.

4.  This must mean I’m making progress.

If you spend anytime reading articles online you’re aware that people have no trouble spitting hate and vitriol at the author, even when it’s just a recipe for blueberry french toast.  When I started writing this I figured I wasn’t going be exempt from some harsh criticism if by some stroke of luck my words made it outside my circle of 20 friends that read this blog.

After giving Mike’s words a couple minutes of thought instead of feeling discouragement and anger I felt pretty good about myself.  It’s a bizarre reaction, but the way I see it if Mike, who I’m not even Facebook friends with, took the time to read what I wrote and respond to it I must be making some progress with my writing.  I still don’t understand why people feel the need to fill the internet with so much hate, but diving into that is probably a post for another time by someone with a psychology degree.  And it certainly isn’t my field of expertise.  Instead I’ll just say this, Mike, thanks for the encouragement bro!


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