Spotify Savant

Former roommate, man about town, friend, and Spotify savant are the words I’d use to describe Ted Cooke.  The man is always filling my Spotify inbox with musical goodies.  His playlists are impeccable and diverse.

Above is Ted’s most recent find he sent my way, NewVillager.  The song Lighthouses in particular is awesome.  They have a bit of a Talking Heads vibe, and like all things Ted sends my way are dope to listen to multiple times.

My friend Ted is doing the music community a service by listening to a lot of the crap out there and filtering out the good stuff.  Ted does a much better job than any algorithm Pandora or Spotify radio can come up with, trust me on that.  I added some of Ted’s other playlists below.  Don’t be scared.  Give them a listen.


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