Quick Thoughts On The NCAA Tournament

Tonight I had the opportunity to go down to the Wells Fargo Center to see some second round action of the NCAA tournament with my dad.  On tap was Duke versus Creighton and San Diego St versus Florida Gulf Coast University.  After seeing both teams I have to say it was an absolute pleasure and thrill to watch FGCU treat an NCAA tournament game as if it was an And 1 mixtape.  The difference between the demeanor of the Duke players, who were wound as tight as Hilary Clinton and the FGCU players who were loose with big smiles was noticeable from the upper deck.  It was a great evening though and was just another example of why the first four days of NCAA tournament are the best event in American sports.  Below are just a couple other quick hitters on the night and most specifically FGCU.

  • FGCU needs to change their mascot.  The school is on the beach for Christ sake, so lets embrace the atmosphere.  I think they should change their mascot to the parrot.  They can have the parrot heads like a Buffett concert.  Everyone should be in Hawaiian shirts with Puka shell necklaces.  While we are at it lets change the school colors too.  Everything about the vibe should scream “I’m going have a daiquiri and watch my alma mater play some hoops!”
  • Now along similar lines we need to go with calling this team Lob Village if we refer to the Clippers as Lob City.

  • I wish I could have done just one semester at FGCU.  Anymore thatn one and I’m pulling a Van Wilder.

  • This is the best college sports celebration of the last 20 years.
  • I hope this team makes another appearance next year.

Thanks for an awesome night dad.


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