Hova’s Empire Grows

Yesterday it was announced that Yankee’s second baseman and perennial All-Star Robinson Cano left baseball super-agent Scott Boras to sign with Jay-Z and his new entertainment venture Roc Nation.  I expect Jay-Z’s new entertainment firm to have mass success much like his rapping career, record label, clothing line, and wife decision.

This news should come as little shock to anyone considering Hova’s interest in sports.  Entertainment personalities have always wanted to be involved in the sports industry and vice versa.  If I were Boras or any other baseball agent I would be on the phone with all my clients ASAP for fear of Jay-Z stealing them away like Bob Sugar in Jerry MaGuire.  With Jay-Z now venturing into another frontier the real question is not whether or not he will succeed, but what he will set his sights on next.  My best guess is that it is going be one of the following;

Time travel and space exploration 250:1  (The Black Hole Album drops June 2060)

Architecture and Real Estate  130:1 (He’s already dabbled and picture the Blue Ivy Casino)

World renowned Oncologist  120:1  (Stranger things have happened in life)

Television Production 100:1  (Think Oprah and her network)

Mayor of NYC  5:2  (This is where he is heading if I had to bet my life on it.  No joke)


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