Album Cover Math

Lets do some math!  This will be more fun than calculus or geometry.  Ready?

Here is the equation, and pay attention to the brackets and parentheses please:

{[(one stoic owl + one earnest cougar + one noble buffalo + one wistful fox + one regal antelope) x Sepia tint]/ Native American font ^ clouds} – any hubris =



Got the answer yet?


If you don’t have the solution by now you never will.  The answer is, the most majestic album cover of 2013.  It’s inarguable, #MATH.

I understand admitting to listening to OneRepublic falls somewhere in between being a Rick Astephile and a Fray-Super-Fan.  If you have lost all respect for my music opinions that is fine.  I accept your decision,  feel free to pick up your parting gift on the way out.  OneRepublic is highly commercialized and feels like a sell out band since you hear their songs frequently on ABC promos and VW ads, but the songs are still catchy and not all that bad.

I’ve listened to this new album a couple times through and I’m prepared to say I like it more than the new Timberlake album.  It’s close, but the album cover puts it over the top.  OneRepublic stayed in their cheesy popular lane and that is fine by me.

I believe it was the great Jeff Bebe of Stillwater that said, “I’ve studied the entire history of music. Most of the time, the best stuff is the popular stuff. It’s much safer to say popularity sucks, because that allows you to forgive yourself if you suck. And I don’t forgive myself. Do you?”


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