The Summer of Ashtrays, Heartbreaks, and Snoop Lion

I think we have found the first song of the summer.  I can’t tell you how the conversation went down, but I like to picture Miley running into Snoop at a local Hollywood Sonic.  Snoop tells Ms. Cyrus that he liked the Party in the USA track, Miley says she would be honored to work with him, and that she idolized him growing up.  Meanwhile Billy Ray Cyrus munches on some tater tots while his feathered hair is being blown back from the oscillating fan on the counter.

Ashtrays and Heartbreaks is what I like to call a transition song.  What I mean by that is it is a song that works best on the commute home from work on a Friday when your mind is transitioning from the work week to the weekend.  This transition time can also take place when having casual beers on your deck Friday night before deciding it you want to commit to a night out.  The older I’ve gotten the harder it has become to get motivated to go out on a Friday night after a long week at work.  And a single song can get me in the mood to pull the rip cord on the night or gear up to go out.

If you listen to something like Radiohead on Friday after work, all you are going want to do is stare out the window at a floating plastic bag and contemplate if you are slowly losing your soul to your job.  After this deep thinking you are going just crawl into bed.  Music like Radiohead isn’t nearly happy or lively enough to provide the momentum to get you out the door.  On the other hand if you blow it out early by playing Avicii’s Levels on repeat you are going find yourself sweaty and tired.  You’ll think about how loud the music can be at certain establishments and next thing you know you are passing on the evening to have a quiet night on the couch watching NCIS re-runs.

The type of song you need is one that is catchy and upbeat enough to get you out of your work mindset, but not so much so that you blow all your energy twerking out to it.  You need to ease into a Friday night once you enter the workforce.  Ashtrays and Heartbreaks is just that type of song.

So be prepared people, because you are going hear this song a lot for the next 5 months.  With Snoop’s new found love of reggae the song has a built in summer vibe.  Throw in a Miley hook and you have a gigantic hit.


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