Is It April 26th Yet?

Considering the tag line to this blog, I’m ashamed to not have promoted one of America’s greatest storytellers till now, Mr. Michael Bay.  I don’t know if the city of Miami has given Michael Bay a key to the city yet, but if they haven’t somebody should be fired before the next handful of tanning oil is applied.  We can argue that Miami was put on the map because of South Beach, the Dolphins, The U, or David Caruso, but as far as I’m concerned Miami is what it is because of Michael Bay. His films cleaned up the streets of Miami as effectively as Giuliani did cleaning up NYC.

Mr. Bay is  constantly giving back to Miami by using the city as his backdrop for Bad Boys, Bad Boys 2, and now Pain and Gain.  No other director has taken advantage of that miscellaneous Miami sign/billboard like Bay.  After trying to locate where said sign is I found out that it doesn’t actually exist.  Every time you see that sign in the movies it is just a prop.  A small part of me just died.

I’m not being ironic either when I say I’m excited to see Pain and Gain.  The movie has everything you look for in a summer blockbuster.  Mark Wahlberg, The Rock, hot women, humor, action, cute dogs, sex, and this shirt.  Try and tell me Michael Bay films don’t rival Memorial Day as the best way to kick off a summer.  I dare you.

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 2.03.49 AM

Is it April 26th yet?


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