Built Pyramids

I love everything about this song and this video.  It’s as if Noreaga was frozen in carbonite for the last dozen years and hasn’t been at all influenced by the direction hip hop has gone since he was last on the scene.

First, understand the song is by Noreaga aka Big Papi aka N.O.R.E.  Noreaga was one of my favorite rappers in middle school and high school, so for him to come back with such a hot track got me excited for his new album.

The beat reminds me of so many great late 80’s early 90’s beats by groups like Tribe.  The hard bass and jazzy horns and brass are an unmistakable style of the 90’s rap scene.

As for the video itself Noreaga keeps it simple by just being accompanied by a few members of his entourage, with shots of the neighborhood in between.  Noreaga along with his posse are decked out in flat brims, Starter jackets, and hoodies.  Additionally he takes time to list the legendary basketball players from Queens, including Marc Jackson, Rafer Alston, Lamar Odom, Kenny Smith, and Anthony Mason, which is a very 90’s rap thing to do.  There is no mention of trips to Paris or owning basketball teams.  Noreaga spends the three and a half minutes just reping his neighborhood, which is refreshing to hear amongst all of the glam rap filling the airwaves nowadays.

Maybe I’m just becoming old nostalgic and cranky, but I agree with Big Papi, “Louboutins with the spikes is for weirdos!”


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