Made In America Lineup

The second iteration of Mr. Hova’s music festival is coming back to the Ben Franklin Parkway Labor Day weekend.  The lineup was announced via Spotify playlist, which I thought was a pretty great way to announce it.  After having some time to digest the list and listen to the handful of acts I hadn’t heard of before I’m ready to give my thoughts and excitement level of each act.

Mord Fustang/Jesse Rose/Red Light/Robert DeLong/GTA/TJR/Feed Me

I know very little about any of these acts.  All I can tell you is Jesse Rose sampled the music from the bar scene in the original Star Wars and as far as I know GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto.

Excitement Level:  Big Pimpin’ plays on my Pandora station.

Porter Robinson/Wolfgang Gartner/Rudimental/

These three bands I also know very little about, but dove a little deeper into their catalogs cause their music kept my attention.  I’m all in on the Rudimental song Not Giving In.

Excitement Level:  Winning an Ebay auction for a Jay-Z t shirt.

Schoolboy Q/Ab-Soul/Jay Rock

Now we are getting somewhere.  Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul in particular have become more mainstream.  I’ve listened to both a healthy amount over the last six months.  They are from the same rap generation as Kendrick and ASAP, but just not quite as good yet.

Excitement Level:  Scoring free nose bleed seats to a Jay-Z concert.

AlunaGeorge/Emeli Sande/Haim

These three groups I have played an obnoxious amount over the last year.  It’s embarrassing how many times I’ve listened to Sande’s Next to Me.  When I saw a Kendrick Lamar remix was released I listened to it another 1,100 times in a row.  Every time AlunaGeorge puts leaks out a new track I’m adding it to a playlist.  As for Haim if they receive six tenths of a cent for each time one of their songs is played on Spotify, they can probably afford to buy a new Toyota Prius thanks to me.

Excitement Level:  Getting an invite to Hova’s annual Two Kings party during NBA All-Star weekend.

Walk The Moon/Fitz & The Tantrums

I absolutely have to show some love for Walk The Moon who hail from the Queen City. That’s Cincinnati for the uneducated.  I think I have all the lyrics to the song Anna Sun memorized by now.  I bet I could give a show stopping karaoke performance of it at this point.  As for Fitz & the Tantrums most of the time I try to avoid bands attempting to be from a different era with as much vigor as I try to avoid contracting an STD.  Fitz & the Tantrums is the exception.  I could listen to their first album without skipping a track and I’m looking forward to the new album coming out this spring.

Excitement Level:  Watching Jay-Z perform at MSG.

Gaslight Anthem/Empire of The Sun/Imagine Dragons

I’ve listened to all of them a number of times.  I like all three just fine, but they are never going be my favorite.  I’ll listen to them, enjoy it, and then move on to the next act.  I do have to tip my cap to Empire of the Sun though, they let their freak flag fly.

Excitement Level:  Being given a signed copy of Jay-Z’s book.

2 Chainz/ASAP Rocky/Kendrick Lamar

Are they the three best rappers out there right now?  Maybe.  I’m sure Kayne and Jay-Z would have something to say about it, but one these three are on every track that is released.  I hope they all make music for the next 20 years.  I hope they join forces and form an Avengers type rap group.  Most of all I hope 2 Chainz NEVER gets rid of his Instagram account.  That shit is gold.

Excitement Level:  Sitting courtside at a Nets game with Jay-Z.

Macklemore/Wiz Khalifa/Public Enemy

Right now I can still listen to Macklemore.  By the end of the summer though I’m going want every thrift shop in America repossessed by the government.  Wiz Khalifa I liked a lot more when he was just releasing mix tapes.  As for Public Enemy I love their music, but at this point Flavor Flav should take the clock off and retire.

Excitement Level:  Seeing Jay-Z make an appearance on 106 & Park.

Deadmau5/Calvin Harris

I got to see Calvin Harris last year at Lollapalooza.  It was loud.  There were drunk teenagers running around and I was ready to leave after five minutes.  I imagine Deadmau5 is the same except with the addition of an LED mouse head.  I like listening to both on my phone, but live not my thing.

Excitement Level:  Re-watching the Beyonce documentary on HBO.


I love hip hop.  I think in my older age though I’m growing to love R&B more.  I’m not sorry about it.  Both Solange and Miguel are awesome.  Enough said.

Excitement Level:  Being asked by Jay-Z to run his gubernatorial campaign.

Queens of the Stone Age/Phoenix

Phoenix is French right?  Moving on.  No in truth I don’t mind either, but it is getting late and I’m a little cranky.

Excitement Level:  Jay-Z announces his second retirement.

Nine Inch Nails

When I was younger I liked NIN.  I had a lot of unexplained teenage angst and thought it was a requirement to listen to NIN.  As I got older my angst went away along with any love I had for Nine Inch Nails.  I just can’t really listen to it anymore.  I respect the work Trent Reznor has done on movies like the Social Network, but I have very little desire to listen to him in concert.

Excitement Level:  Hearing about a Hova Beyonce divorce.


If you hate Beyonce you probably hate me, love communism, hate puppies, love Slytherin, hate fun, and love Nick Cage movies.

Excitement Level:  Getting the call to be Blue Ivy’s godfather.


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