So after suffering defeat at the Philly Open yesterday I spent most of today licking my wounds on the couch.  After reading the initial reviews, which were glowing, and seeing that I had an absurdly wide open social calender I decided to take the plunge and watch NBC’s new drama Hannibal, which is based off the famed Thomas Harris novels.

The lead is played by Hugh Dancy, who I recognize from the movie King Arthur staring Clive Owen.  I might be one of only five people that know that cause most people decided to avoid the movie, while I’ve watched it upwards of 50 times.  Dancy plays FBI Agent Will Graham, who comes off as nuttier than a fruitcake, but it a well done way.

Hannibal is played by another King Arthur alum, Mads Mikkelsen.  Most normal moviegoers know him as the villain in Casino Royale.  He’s Robert California level unnerving, in the sense that you are terrified to think what wheels are spinning inside his head.  The  creepiest part of the show are the scenes when Doctor Lecter is hosting a dinner companion in his pristine mausoleum-esque home.  The scenes makes your stomach turn, because through the entire scene you are thinking that he could be serving actual human stomach to his guests.

The cast is rounded out with Larry Fishburne, a couple recognizable Law & Order SVU faces, and a curly-haired ginger who plays the Kate Mara House of Cards role.  The show was a little tough to follow, but that could have to do with the hangover.  Regardless it was worth watching and I would recommend it to anyone who has as much free time as I do and enjoys being frightened on occasion.


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