Out Of The Box Baseball Thoughts: The AL East

Every year out of habit baseball analysts talk about the intimidating offenses of the AL East including the Dustin Pedroia Laser Show, The Yankees Murder’s Row, and then whatever nickname is given to the Rays.  But if you take a closer look you realize that there really isn’t a whole lot for pitchers to fear when facing the AL East in 2013.  Check the lineups each team put out on April 16th and then tell me how worried you would be about your team facing one of these lineups.

Boston Red Sox

J Ellsbury
S Victorino
D Pedroia
M Napoli
W Middlebrooks
D Nava
J Gomes
D Ross
P Ciriaco

Tampa Bay Rays

D Jennings
K Johnson
B Zobrist
E Longoria
M Joyce
Y Escobar
J Loney
J Lobaton
S Fuld

Baltimore Orioles

N McLouth
M Machado
N Markakis
A Jones
C Davis
M Wieters
J Hardy
R Flaherty
N Reimold

New York Yankees

B Gardner
R Cano
K Youkilis
T Hafner
V Wells
I Suzuki
E Nunez
L Overbay
C Stewart

Toronto Blue Jays

E Bonifacio
M Cabrera
J Arencibia
E Encarnacion
A Lind
B Lawrie
C Rasmus
M Izturis
M Kawasaki


How many players on this list would you stop everything to watch if they aren’t on your fantasy team?  4?  3?  I’d count Cano, Longoria, and maybe Encarnacion.


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