Television Show Idea


So here is my pitch to HBO.  I want a show centered around pirates and the sailors that attempted to hunt them down.  We’ve seen the Johnny Depp version which was great (the first one at least), but what I want is a television show that is less tongue and cheek and more true to what life was really like for these individuals and what drove them to a life of piracy.  I admit we’ve seen the anti-hero on television played out numerous times now, see Tony Saprano, Don Draper, or Walter White but the formula seems to work.

The pirate who I think would be an interesting follow is Edward Low.  That is his ship’s flag above.  Low came over from England and was a common pick pocket who grew up got married and went straight for some time.  But after losing his son and then wife during the birth of his daughter he turned to piracy and was known as one of the more ruthless pirates in history.  Stories of his torture tactics are hard to read so I’ll let you look those up on your own time.  While Low was an absolute lunatic he also had a soft spot for women and children always setting them free.  Apparently he was also known to have spared the lives of men who were married and had families back home.  So there clearly was some glimmer of redemption in the man, which of course makes for good storytelling.

Lets get this done HBO.  I’m tired of zombies.  I don’t want to go to space or to an island that travels through time with polar bears on it.  And if I have to see one more cop show I might just get rid of my cable altogether.  I’ll even give you the person to cast in the lead, Domonic West who played McNulty on the Wire.


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