Why I Still Need The Book

It’s now official.  I’m the lone standing member of my family that doesn’t have a Kindle or iPad for reading.  My parents who are both in their 60’s have made the switch and told me there is no going back.  My dad even offered to give me his old Kindle, but I politely declined because this is one area where I’ve been stubborn and have refused to advance.  When my dad asked why I had trouble giving him a concrete answer, so I gave it some thought and these were the reasons I came up with.

1.  As nerdy as it sounds I still like to highlight certain passages and write notes in books just in case I ever want to reference back to it.  In reality though this has only happened a handful of times.

2.  Having a collection of books is a confidence boost for me.  Having all my books on a shelf is a good visual to show how much time I’ve spent away from the television or computer during my free time.  Maybe there is some deep seeded psychological issue there.  I wouldn’t deny it.

3.  Having books is really the easiest way for me to decorate any living space I have.  I’ve never spent money on a painting or other artwork and since it really isn’t alright for 29 year old to cover his walls in 2Pac and Shaq posters bookshelves make for a great substitute.


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