Out Of The Box Baseball Thoughts: Stadiums

One of the best aspects of Major League Baseball are the ballparks.  Unlike other professional sports baseball allows the stadium architects to have more creative license  when constructing the theaters where we watch America’s pastime.  Baseball stadiums are similar to that quirky uncle we all have, filled with eccentricities and abnormalities.  Some of the traits that make a stadium unique, like the fountains in Kansas City or the cherry blossom trees at the National’s park, have no effect on the players.  Other traits though like the Green Monster at Fenway or center field hill in Houston can have an enormous effect on how the players should properly field the ball.

When players are called up from their team’s triple A affiliate many times announcers will comment on how a player will need to make adjustments to playing in their new stadium or learn how to take advantage of the stadiums dimensions like the short porch at Yankee stadium.

So my question is this, doesn’t it make sense for major league teams to construct their triple A team’s stadium to the same dimensions as their major league club’s stadium?  Won’t this prevent players misplaying balls of the Green Monster or crashing into the ivy at Wrigley Field?  It doesn’t require the triple A team to add seats or anything, but just change the dimensions of the outfield or turf/dirt used in the infield.

Maybe it doesn’t make a big difference, but after watching Domonic Brown make the routine fly ball at Citizens Bank Park look like an adventure I’m convinced it would be beneficial.


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