Goodbye Office Trivia

Saying goodbye is hard.

Still reeling from the Office ending I decided to throw up some nerdy Office trivia.  Test your knowledge…..  Answers are at bottom of the post.

1.  What 2 cast members went to the same high school?

2.  What dead animal did Dwight bring into the office?

3.  Where did Michael move to?

4.  What member of the cast from Community made an appearance on the Office?

5.  What are 3 of Pam’s Halloween costumes?

6.  What two members of the office share the same first name?

7.  Why did Dwight prefer to wear short sleeves?

8.  What are 3 Xmas gifts from corporate?

9.  What actor was featured in the Sabre introduction video?

10.  What was Jan’s assistant’s name?






Answers:  Michael and Phillis, A goose, Colorado, Yvette Nicole Brown, Charlie Chaplan a cat and Olive Oil, Kelly and Erin, to be in a better attack position, shot glasses robes and Hello Kitty laptop sleeves, Christian Slater, Hunter




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