Summer Movie Preview

Fruitvale Station

I’ve been on the Michael B. Jordan train since the question was asked, “Where’s Wallace?”  Then when Michael B. Jordan reappeared in my television life as Vince Howard on Friday Night Lights I was buying up every scrap of Michael B. Jordan stock that was left.  So I’m all in on Fruitvale and the reviews coming out of the film festivals are very positive and there is even some early Oscar buzz.  Really looking forward to this one.

This Is The End

There isn’t anything about this movie I don’t love.  It has the Judd Apatow crew, explosions, jokes at the actors own expense.  I’ve reserved my tickets on Moviefone already.

We Steal Secrets

When the whole Wikileaks story was unfolding I mus have been in some sort of daze, cause while I remember the broad points of the story I know very little about the details.  Now that I’m way behind the curve on this one this documentary looks like the most efficient way to catch up.


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