For Your Information

There are two artists, two songs, and two names that are the most repeated names in any one song.  The names are repeated so often that there was even a college drinking game made up for one of the songs.

The artists are Sting and Michael Jackson.  The songs are Roxanne and Smooth Criminal.  The names are Roxanne and Annie.  So the question begs to be asked, which name is mentioned more in their respective song.  Well thanks to Youtube and free time I can now give a definitive answer.  Drum roll please………..


27 mentions of the name Roxanne (28 if you count the title of the song)

Smooth Criminal

46 mentions of the name Annie.  BOOM!!!  The title for most name drops in a single song goes to the survivor of a home invasion from a smooth assailant, our beloved Annie.

So when you find yourself in a gambling situation/life or death moment and you are asked which name is mentioned more you can now confidently say Annie.


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