Fast 6

I know it’s early and summer hasn’t really begun, but I’m going say it right now Fast 6 will be the best movie I see all summer or at the very least the most satisfied I’ll feel coming out of the theater.  At this point Vin, Paul, The Rock, and the production crew have the formula figured out.  Fast cars + good looking girls + a very good sense of self-awareness – political message = a great summer action movie.

Unlike the Batman movies where the villain can make or break the film in the Fast series the villain doesn’t really matter cause all you want to see are Dom, Brian, and the crew back together doing ridiculous stunts for that “one final job.”  I fully admit the plot of these movies are absurd, but I don’t care.  The same can be said for Batman, The Avengers, and Superman the only difference is the super heroes in the Fast & Furious series wear deep Vs and designer jeans as opposed to latex and a cape.  I was entertained from start to finish and didn’t check the time on my phone once which is my best indicator to tell if the movie hooked me or not.  Some highlights of the movie I wrote about below.  SPOILER ALERT.

Four Pillars

As is the case with all Fast & Furious movies the four pillars of Dominic Toretto were front and center once again in Fast 6.  Those pillars are Corona Light, Mi Familia, living life a quarter mile at a time, and of course reminiscing about old times.

Elena v Letty

I’d argue the most unrealistic part of the movie was how understanding and rationale Elena treated the rekindling of Dom and Letty’s relationship.  I don’t think I know any girls who would handle that situation with the grace Elena did.  She is a role model for women everywhere.

Car Jumps

I could be wrong, but I believe I counted 8 different times when someone from the crew jumped from a moving car to another moving object.  The most impressive one clearly being when Dom jumped from a moving car across a bridge to catch Letty in mid air who had been jettisoned from a tank only to land safely on the windshield of another car.  The risks taken in Fast 6 have definitely moved Jeremy Renner’s agreement to risk his promising career in order to do Hansel & Gretel to second place.  It’s close though.

Remedial Math

The final battle scene takes place on a cargo plane preparing for take-off.  This last battle lasts about 20 minutes or so as Dom and the crew attempt to catch the evil terrorist Shaw and ground his plane.  The catch is that the entire time the fight takes place the plane is moving at take-off speed.  Curious how this would work I spent some time on the internet looking up how fast cargo planes need to go in order to take off and what I found is that they need to travel at around 250 mph.  So using that I determined that the runway the final battle took place on had to be about 90 miles long or roughly the distance between Philadelphia and New York City.


Since Fast Four the films have added a short teaser after the credits to tease the next installment.  I didn’t think I could have my mind blown more than it was at the end of 5 when it was revealed that Letty was alive, but I was wrong.  After the tragic death of Gisele Han honors her by taking that trip to Tokyo they planned to take together.  For those that have seen Tokyo Drift you know what happens next, you’re led to believe that Han is killed in a wreck in downtown Tokyo.  However the teaser for Fast 7 shows that he survived the crash, but was killed by none other than Jason Statham, who is clearly going to be the villain in Fast 7.  This also revealed that Fast Four Fast Five and Fast Six were all prequels to Tokyo Drift.  When Statham revealed himself on the screen I can’t be sure but I think I let out a yelp before blacking out for several minutes.  Adding the Rock to the franchise was an obvious choice, but now the Fast series has added the final piece to the puzzle, Statham.  Has there ever been a movie the guy has been in where he doesn’t have to go fast?  Transporter, Crank, Italian Job, you name it he needs to be moving at a break neck pace in all his films so added him to this franchise truly is film perfection.  I already can’t wait for summer 2014.


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