Observations From The Road

So today I made the 9 hour trek up to Camden, ME for vacation.  In order to get to Vacationland  from Philadelphia one will need to navigate the Jersey Turnpike, NYC, CT, the MASS Turnpike, the NH toll, and the two lane highway up the Maine coast.  Since I’m on vacay I’m going quickly just share some of my thoughts while on my road trip.

  • I don’t think Roy Rogers restaurants exist anywhere other than at highway rest stops, which makes sense cause the food is terrible.
  • Contrary to what people say there is a sweet spot to get through NYC with minimal resistance.  That sweet spot is 10 AM to 11 AM
  • What is the criteria required in order to have a rest stop named after them like Molly Pitcher and Vince Lombardi?
  • Acquiring a new E-Z Pass holder is about as difficult as getting reissued a passport.  Where the hell do I go to get a new holder?
  • People using headphones while in the car frighten me.  Use an AUX cord people or deal with playing a CD.
  • I think the car pool lane is discriminating against those of us who have few friends and no family of our own.
  • I will bet anything Maine is the only state that sells live lobsters at the highway rest stops.
  • Buying gas is the worst
  • Regardless of the weather, time of day, or amount of congestion Mass people drive the same way people did in Independence Day when President Whitemore told everyone to evacuate the cities.

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